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We're mums. We want the best for our child

  • Are you a mum of a 0-6-month-old?
  • Are you feeling confused about when to start solids?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed with what foods to start with?
  • Are you scared about introducing the allergenic foods?
  • Do you worry your child could have a dairy or lactose intolerance?
  • Did you know that when and how you introduce solids can impact your child’s gut?
  • Did you know that starting your child on rice cereal and processed foods could impact their gut?
  • Did you know that starting solids too soon could also impact their gut?

I know you want the absolute best for your little one. This is why I created the introducing solids series. To show you how easy & stress free this process can be.

I want you to feel calm, prepared, educated and ready to give your child food.

I want you to know when to introduce solids to nourish their gut health.

I want you to feel calm and clear about what, how and when to introduce allergen foods.

I want your little one to have a happy gut!

As a naturopath and nutritionist, I too felt overwhelmed, tired and exhausted by all the information when introducing food to my son. I have combined my personal experience with my knowledge and passion for gut health to guide you through this phase in both yours and your little ones life. 


So you've probably landed here because you have a child who is 0-6 months and they are ready to start eating food very soon.

And… it’s highly likely that you’re feeling a little bit overwhelmed and unsure about how to do this and what foods to introduce as their very first foods.

If you are feeling like you need a little bit of help and education around the process of introducing foods to your little one so that they have a really great, healthy and robust gut. 

If you want to make sure they're receiving all of the nutrients from the food that they are eating so they are staying healthy, vital and strong, then I would recommend checking out the Introducing Solids Series.


Plus some handy resources...

Baby's First Tastes - A comprehensive list of whole-foods that can be your baby's first taste

    Introducing Dairy Ladder - A gradual introduction and is easier on their digestive and immune system

Eats & Treats - A recipe eBook with 10 gut health recipes for your little one

Trusted naturopath

Karly is an IBS/SIBO naturopath who works with people in her Nourished Gut Program. She also runs a practitioner program where she mentors other health professionals on all things gut health. 

Easy to consume videos

Karly delivers her content in a way that will relate to mums. She takes the time to explain everything so you can take action, confidently.

Bonus resources

Not only will you get 6 videos that will put you on the right track, you also get some great resources including a recipe eBook.

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"It's not an overwhelming amount of information, I have found the content very informative and easy to digest at my own pace."


"I’ve learnt simple ways to introduce solids to a baby, I particularly loved the video on introducing the top allergenic foods!"

Are you ready to intoduce solids in a way that will help set up your child's gut for life?

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