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95.6% of children aged 5–14 years in Australia are not eating enough vegetables

Parents raising and feeding kids hold the power to influence the diet, microbial health and wellbeing of the next generation and focusing on gut health in the early years is key. 

You can set up your kids gut health which will promote health and wellbeing right from the moment they are born. There is a ton of valuable content that will set your kids up for life.

You can have the biggest impact on your kids microbiome within the first 3 years of their life by implementing actionable lifestyle changes. 

You are the ones shopping for food and deciding what your kids eat. The choices you are making right now really matters. That's why joining a community like the Nourished Gut Kids membership can help cut through the confusion.

From preconception & pregnancy, through to infancy & toddlerhood. Start Nourishing your child's gut for $1.16 a day!

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Hi, I'm Karly Raven and I am a passionate naturopath, nutritionist, gut health nerd, speaker, writer, mentor, and mamma!

I help people recover from IBS, SIBO & IBD in my clinical practice. After many years of being a gut health naturopath along with becoming a mum I now have a huge passion for making a big shift to truly reduce the rate of not just gut health disorders but also chronic disease. 

I believe that all disease begins in the gut and that if we learn and know how to give our children the best start to life through a healthy gut microbiome we will be able to achieve this together! 


The importance of an infant's microbiome

It may come as a surprise to some that the friendly bacteria living naturally inside your child's gut can influence various aspects of their health, including digestion, immune health, skin health and mental wellbeing. Your child's gut microbiome is established over the first few years of their life but it continues to change and adapt to their diet, lifestyle and environment.

Our childhood years are extremely important for all aspects of development. In particular, the foundations of our microbiome and immune system are formed.

Surprisingly, this all begins in the womb. Pregnancy and the first two years post-birth form the first 1000 days of life, and during this time we see major changes to the microbiome. These changes can affect both current and future health.

The microbiome composition tends to settle around age 3, however many factors can still disrupt the level of friendly bacteria. This may cause some unwanted side effects such as poor immunity, eczema, digestive issues or allergies (and many more).

Research suggests that friendly bacteria play a very important role in a child’s microbiome and overall health.

Nearly two-thirds of children under 4 visiting their GP annually due to a cough.

Whilst it’s likely that your child will get ill during the early years, you may be able to reduce the risk, severity and duration of illness by looking after their microbiome. Remember: 70% of the immune system resides in the gut, so a healthy gut microbiome is key for good immunity.

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How Nourished Gut Kids is going to help you 

✔︎ We will provide support, education and masterclasses to help you understand the importance of the microbiome in children 

✔︎ We will reduce confusion, overwhelm and stress by making this simple, easy to understand and quick to asses, learn and cook 

✔︎ We will provide connection and a community for you to have a safe place to ask questions and grow as a young family 

✔︎ We will empower and inspire you to make sustainable changes for your family

How focusing on your kids gut health makes a big impact to overall well being 

✔︎ Good gut health boosts immunity 

✔︎ Good gut health can reduce and prevent food intolerances 

✔︎ Good gut health can give your kids a better nights sleep 

✔︎ Good gut health can reduce allergies, asthma and eczema 

✔︎ Good gut health increases food acceptance and decreases fussy eaters 

✔︎ Good gut health can reduce behavioural disorders 

✔︎ Good gut health can keep kids calm and reduce the risk of mental health disorders 

✔︎ Good gut health right from birth can reduce chronic disease later in life 

What can you expect from a Nourished Gut Kids membership?

Monthly Recipes

Sweet, savoury, snacks, drinks, family meals, babies, toddlers, kids and adult friendly food!

Monthly Masterclass

Covering a range of gut health, microbiome, pregnancy care and kids wellbeing topics.

Monthly Q&A

Get your questions answered during our monthly Q&A with Karly our gut health naturopath.


You will have access to ongoing support via a private community on facebook to share ideas, thoughts, recipes + more.

Guest Speakers & Bonus Videos

Expert speakers add great value to this membership and offer a different perspective on things. You will be able to listen in to robust conversation and have the opportunity to field some questions. Karly also loves to throw in some bonus content!

Member Only Offers

As a Nourished Gut Kids member you have access to 1:1 offers that aren't publicly available. Also, the only way to work with Karly is via this membership or her other Nourished Gut programs.

Delicious, easy to follow recipes released every month. Naturopath & nutritionist approved!

Date, Banana & Walnut Bread

Probiotic Pear & Gummies

Nutty Coated Pears

You will have access to recipes like these via a recipe portal where you can view online or print a PDF.

We keep our recipes healthy but simple by using ingredients that can easily be bought from a supermarket or health food store.

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  • Monthly masterclasses
  • Monthly Q&A sessions 
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  • Bonus vdeo course: Introducing Solids Series - valued $250 
  • Monthly recipes
  • Monthly masterclasses
  • Monthly Q&A sessions 
  • Facebook community group 
  • Access to experts and guest speakers
  • Be a part of the journey and shape the membership with your invaluable feedback
  • Members only discounts and perks
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