SIBO & Children

Though less common in children than in adults, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) in young patients presents unique challenges in terms of investigation, testing, and treatment. In my comprehensive two-part training series, you'll unlock a wealth of insights that are crucial for navigating this specialised area. These insights will empower you to approach SIBO in children with confidence, ensuring accurate diagnoses and effective treatments tailored to this age group within your clinical practice.

In Part 1, you will delve into the aetiology, prevalence, and diagnostic nuances of SIBO in children, while Part 2 equips you with comprehensive treatment insights, including herbal medicine, dietary approaches, antibiotics, and more.

Elevate your expertise and make a positive impact on paediatric and children's gut health.


What's in the training?


☑ Aetiology & Prevalence of SIBO in children
☑ The Infant Microbiome & SIBO
☑ Signs, Symptoms & Effects of SIBO in children
☑ Diagnosis of SIBO in children


☑ Treatment Overview
☑ SIBO Herbal Medicine & Children
☑ SIBO Diets & Children
☑ SIBO Antibiotics & Children
☑ Prebiotics/Probiotics & Children
☑ Other Treatments

Please note: If you have been part of Karly's SIBO Mastermind during 2023 you have already completed this training. 

$40.00 AUD

SIBO Test Preparation

Video Training & Patient Handout

27 minute training from Karly with insights on:
✓ When to consider doing a test
✓ What test to order
✓ Diet recommendations for best test results
✓ Clinical considerations for vegans & vegetarians
✓ Sample prep diets

✓ Navigating supplements
✓ How to do the test
✓ Re-testing information
✓ 8 page patient handout

Usually $40