Episode 32: Probiotic Crash Course & Research Updates with Rebecca from Activated Probiotics

This week we are joined by Rebecca Edwards who is a speaker, writer, educator, and qualified naturopath. She has more than fifteen years of experience educating on all aspects of complementary and integrative health. She has lectured to undergraduate students in Australia, the UK, and the US, and delivered naturopathic education to healthcare practitioners all round the world. She is also the Director of Education at Activated Probiotics meaning she is up with all the research.

In this episode, Rebecca and I discuss:

  •     What probiotics are and how they work in your microbiome
  •     Myth-busting about probiotics
  •     Co-administration of probiotics with antibiotics
  •     How probiotics can be used to increase iron absorption
  •     The truth behind iron levels, absorption and inflammation
  •     An insight into new probiotic research
  •     The 3 things you should do to nourish your gut
  •     And lots more!

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