Episode 31: SIBO & Fertility

Episode 31

Nourished Gut Podcast

SIBO & Fertility

In today’s episode, we are exploring the connection between gut issues and fertility. With a lot of questions coming in lately about fertility support, I felt that this was an important topic to cover. We will dip into the importance of optimising your overall health prior to conceiving, the effects hormonal contraception can have on your gut health, and have a chat about healthy menstrual cycles. If you are planning a pregnancy or are already pregnant, tune in to find out more.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • Why you should address your gut issues prior to conceiving
  • How you can prepare if you are looking to fall pregnant
  • The importance of improving your overall state of health
  • How pregnancy and breastfeeding can affect your treatment options
  • Impacts that the oral contraceptive pill can have on your gut and microbiome health
  • What happens to your body when you cease to take hormonal birth control
  • An insight into the correlation between endometriosis and IBS-like symptoms
  • Why it is important to educate yourself and understand your body prior to being ready to conceive
  • What a healthy menstrual cycle looks like
  • Signs and symptoms that indicate abnormalities with your menstrual cycle
  • Focusing on a diet of inclusion prior to pregnancy
  • And much more!

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