Episode 38: SIBO Success Story - Meet Hannah: SIBO, Miscarriage, Thyroid dysfunction

Episode 38

Nourished Gut Podcast


SIBO Success Story - Meet Hannah: SIBO, Miscarriage, Thyroid dysfunction 


In this episode, Hannah and I discuss her journey, experiences and results while we worked together to improve her gut health and eliminate her debilitating symptoms.


In this episode we discuss:

  • Hannah’s initial gut issue symptoms
  • All about the various tests Hannah underwent
  • Her experience with SIBO testing
  • All about Hannah’s results and the healing process
  • Breastfeeding whilst treating SIBO
  • Hannah’s full disclosure behind her successful treatment
  • Prioritising your own health
  • Maternal transfers to infant microbiomes
  • An insight into my developing dietary phases
  • Hannah’s exciting new career announcement
  • And more!


Find Hannah at www.themamanaturopath.com or follow them over on Instagram.


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