SIBO Test Preparation

Video Training & Patient Handout

27 minute training from Karly with insights on:
✓ When to consider doing a test
✓ What test to order
✓ Diet recommendations for best test results
✓ Clinical considerations for vegans & vegetarians
✓ Sample prep diets

✓ Navigating supplements
✓ How to do the test
✓ Re-testing information
✓ 8 page patient handout

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Transform Your Clinic with Expert SIBO Test Preparation Training

Join Karly in an enriching training session that provides invaluable insights and advanced strategies for SIBO test preparation. Elevate your clinic's approach to SIBO testing and management with this transformative opportunity.

Optimal Timing for SIBO Testing

Timing Matters: Discover the early indicators that necessitate SIBO testing, enabling you to diagnose the condition swiftly. Precise timing allows for timely interventions, significantly improving patient outcomes.

Choosing the Right Path

Navigate the complexities of SIBO test options and make informed choices tailored to each patient's unique needs. Enhance diagnostic accuracy, leading to faster treatment plans and improved patient care.

Personalised Diet Recommendations

Maximizse test results through personalised dietary guidance. Learn how to prepare patients optimally for the SIBO test, reducing false results and enhancing accuracy.

Are you ready to transform your clinic's approach to SIBO testing and improve patient outcomes?

BUY NOW - $40

Are you ready to transform your clinic's approach to SIBO testing and improve patient outcomes?

BUY NOW - $40
Specialised Care for
Vegans & Vegetarians

Empower yourself with tailored clinical considerations for vegans and vegetarians. Strengthen patient rapport by providing specialised guidance to plant-based individuals.

Streamlined Preparations for
Enhanced Efficiency

Simplify the testing journey for your patients with sample preparation diets. Boost compliance and efficiency for a smoother testing experience.

Navigating Supplements for
Accurate Results

Master the complexities of supplements during SIBO test preparation. Minimise confounding factors and ensure more accurate results.

Monitoring Progress
with Re-Testing

Encourage patient engagement by implementing proper re-testing strategies. Help patients stay proactive in managing their condition for improved outcomes.

A Comprehensive Patient Handout:

Knowledge is Empowerment

Equip your patients with an 8-page comprehensive handout on SIBO, testing protocols, and management strategies. Foster active patient involvement and compliance with treatment plans.

Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to enhance your clinic's performance. Embrace a new level of SIBO testing excellence with this expert training experience.

BUY NOW - $40